Twinwood Festival 2016

We had such a fantastic time performing at Twinwood annual vintage festival again this year.

This time we performed our full set on the Tin Hat stage!

With Dean Ross on keys, James Johnston on drums, Tom Mansi on double bass & John O’Neil on Sax, here is a clip of our performance of Charlie Brown:


1 thought on “Twinwood Festival 2016”

  1. Why haven’t I heard about this truly amazing band before! Your vocals are brilliant. I accidently came across your video to “He Hit Me (and It Felt Like a Kiss). I am planning to show it to my classmates during a discussion on violent relationships and how some reasons given for it by female victims is somewhat skewed. I watched several of your cover songs and you are, by far, the best cover band I have ever heard. Actually, your take on the songs is so fresh that I forget it’s not the original artist singing. I am planning to watch every one of your videos, if it takes me a lifetime……you are truly wonderful!!!

    Mike Rossillio
    Drexel Hill.PA


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